Strengthening the quality assurance and monitoring capacity of preschools in Kazakhstan


UNCIEF Kazakhstan 2021 Roman Gussak
UNCIEF Kazakhstan 2021 Roman Gussak


The Ministry of Education (MoE) in Kazakhstan is committed to improving the quality of early childhood education and care services in the country. One of its key priorities is to enhance the ability of preschools to assess their own quality in a standardized manner. The Kazakhstan MoE Information Analytical Center (IAC), Early Childhood Development Institute (ECDI), UNICEF Kazakhstan and UNICEF Innocenti – Global Office of Research and Foresight have partnered to develop a Preschool Quality Self-Assessment Module (referred to as the “module” for short) to achieve this. The module’s goal was to provide data on key quality assessment, monitoring and planning indicators, which should supplement the ministry’s National Education Database (NEDB) containing administrative information on all preschools in Kazakhstan.

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