Situation analysis of children and women in Kazakhstan - 2013

Analysis of the situation of children and women in Kazakhstan

UNICEF Kazakhstan


This report presents an overview of the situation of children in Kazakhstan using the results of the most significant research and analysis over the last five years in areas related to the wellbeing of children. It is the product of a series of interviews with national and local officials and individuals, and a desk review of key reports, studies, surveys and evaluations produced between 2008 and 2013 in the area of child rights in Kazakhstan by UNICEF and its development partners. By focusing on the key knowledge gaps related to inequities and child deprivations and promoting the broad engagement of all stakeholders, the Situation Analysis is intended to make a contribution to shaping national development strategies that follow on from the Kazakhstan-2050 Strategy, in order to accelerate achievement of the national and international child-related goals with equity.

Mathew Naumann
Publication date
Russian, Kazakh, English

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