Modelling for Integrated Child Protection System in Kazakhstan

Modelling for Integrated Child Protection System in Kazakhstan

UNICEF/2016/Andrey Kim


This report reviews current child protection procedures in Kazakhstan. The Terms of Reference for this report required that the author put forward recommendations for:

a) A local level integrated child protection system

b) The nature, form and location of a possible pilot project to deliver an integrated child protection service

c) Strengthened child protection at central government level

d) An evaluation of pilot specialised social services in a number of areas to determine lessons learnt

e) A change to the current social work curricula A consultant from the Children’s Legal Centre visited Kazakhstan from the 2nd to 13th April 2010, and spoke with a range of agencies, bodies and individuals listed at the end of this document.

The Centre also had the benefit of being able to read a range of reports on child protection, the funding of services and the administration of services. This report does not seek to repeat the work already undertaken by a number of experts, but to build upon it. For more information about the current workings of the child protection system, reference should be made to these reports, which are listed at the end of the report.

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