Knowledge, attitudes and practices survey on early childhood developmental monitoring in Kazakhstan

This report is the result of a collaboration between UNICEF Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Healthcare (MOH) and Ministry of Education and Sciences (MOES)


This research was conducted under the supervision of Tatiana Aderikhina, UNICEF Kazakhstan Education Specialist, with support from Zauresh Dikhanbaeyeva, UNICEF Kazakhstan Programme Association on Early Childhood Development and Education; and Saltanat Zhumanbayeva, UNICEF Kazakhstan Social and Behaviour Change Officer.

The report was authored by Dr. Robin Haarr (PhD), UNICEF Senior Consultant. Data collection was carried out by the Analysis and Consulting Team (ACT) in Kazakhstan, under the supervision of: Tatiana Voronina, ACT Director; Anna Gayantseva, ACT Project Manager; and Assel Ayazbayeva, ACT Field Manager.

Девочка улыбается в камеру
Dr. Robin Haarr (PhD), UNICEF Senior Consultant
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English, Russian