Inclusive quality digital learning and skills through the creation of alternative education pathways

UNICEF Kazakhstan's skills-based program


Children and adolescents in Kazakhstan and elsewhere today live in an ever-changing world where they face unprecedented challenges to and opportunities for their future. These challenges and opportunities are grounded in new and continually advancing technologies, rapidly transforming job markets, environmental threats, political upheaval  and migration among other factors. The  gender digital divide is reflected through girls facing barriers to their equal participation and learning due to gender norms and socialization that inhibit their engagement in key subjects such as STEM, limit their aspirations due to limited role models, and many times result in drop out or absenteeism from education. To thrive in both their present and future, it is essential that children and young people have access to quality learning opportunities that equip them with the skills they need to succeed in all areas of their life –education, society and community, and work.

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