Generation Unlimited

Our time. Our turn. Our future.



Generation Unlimited is a new partnership established to help them succeed.

Generation Unlimited’s goal is to make sure that every young person aged 10 – 24 is in some form of school, learning, training or employment by 2030.

Generation Unlimited brings together public and private partners – and young people – to identify and scale solutions, unlock investments, and empower all young people to play a positive role in their societies. It unleashes the voices of young people, creates synergies between major global actors and accelerates momentum towards achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Generation Unlimited focuses on adolescent girls and boys, young men and women and all young people, especially those in the greatest danger of being left behind – girls, the poor, young people with disabilities, young people on the move, and young people affected by conflict and natural disasters.

Generation Unlimited is dedicated to taking urgent action today so young people have the support they need to assume leadership roles tomorrow.

Achieving this goal is the calling of our time.



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