Evaluation of Primary Health Care (PHC) Impact on Infant and Child Mortality Reduction 2000 – 2017

Volume 1: Assessment of the Universal Progressive Home Visiting Model Volume 2: Primary Health Care Impact on Child Mortality



The UNICEF office in Kazakhstan was commissioned this evaluation to provide lessons and recommendations on the UPHV model developed in Kyzylorda Region. This report is part of the Consultancy Services for the Evaluation of Primary Health Care (PHC) Impact on Infant and Child Mortality Reduction in Kazakhstan.

The added value of the evaluation relates to the use of its findings and recommendations for: (a) evaluation of both PHC system's and the home-visiting model's impact on infant and child mortality and support government in the scaling up of the UPHV model; and (b) documentation of Kazakhstani experience with possible use by other countries confronting similar issues in primary health care provision.

The intended users of the Evaluation will be the Ministry of Health, local governments, line ministries who will use the results of the Evaluation as the main developers and implementers of the national programmes who need to monitor the progress based of effectiveness and efficiency criteria, to introduce corrective actions if needed, to use the best available practices, engage trained/informed HR, to bridge the inequality gaps and to allocate sufficient funds. UNICEF is one of the main knowledge brokers in MCH practices providing technical assistance for effective implementation of MCH interventions worldwide.

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