“Crisis communication in health care”

Standard Operating Procedure for Communication Departments in Health Sector in Kazakhstan

UNICEF Kazakhstan/2020/ZhanaraKarimova
UNICEF Kazakhstan 2020 ZhanaraKarimova


This Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) aims to assist the Public relations department of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan (MoH) and other relevant stakeholders, including public relations departments of the MoH Committee on Sanitary and Epidemiological Control (CSEC) and its territorial departments, public relations departments at subsidiary organizations of MoH, including the National Center for Public Healthcare (NCPH) in planning and managing crisis communication in health care at national or regional (subnational) levels. It is the second SOP in a series of two SOP’s developed for the MoH. The first SOP was called “Developing and effectively implementing a planned health communication campaign”.

Working Group on Health Communications at the NCPH of MoH with support from UNICEF Kazakhstan country office
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