26 July 2023

Tips to stay safe in a heatwave

As a result of climate change, heat waves are becoming longer, more frequent and more severe – with temperatures in our region expected to rise faster than the global average.  While hot weather can be uncomfortable for everyone, too much heat is dangerous, especially for infants, children, pregnant women and the elderly.  Use the tips below to…, What is a heatwave? , Heat waves happen when the temperature is higher than normal for several days in a row. They result from warm air being trapped in the atmosphere and are a natural weather phenomenon. Too much heat is dangerous, especially for infants, children, pregnant women and the elderly. Children and babies are more vulnerable to heat-related illnesses than…, Know the symptoms and when to take action, When it comes to heat stress, there are 4 things to always remember: Be aware of heat stress and what actions to take. Identify the symptoms Act immediately Go to a health facility if serious., General heat stress symptoms General heat stress symptoms,   MILD SEVERE     Dry lips, sticky mouth Excessive thirst and sweating Weakness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting Small blisters, rashes, heat rashes Mild, slightly high body temperature Cramps, usually in arms and legs Nosebleeds (common in hot and dry environments) Confusion/not responding clearly, seizures, coma, very dull, not waking up (MOST…, Symptoms of heat stress in babies and young children Symptoms of heat stress in babies and young children,   MILD SEVERE     Heat rashes in diapered area Irritable and/or crying Crying without tears Sunken eyes and/or forehead Vomiting or diarrhea Extreme irritability Fewer wet diapers, Symptoms of heat stress in youth Symptoms of heat stress in youth,   MILD SEVERE     Nausea Headaches Muscle cramps (especially after exercising outdoors) Deep or severe muscle pain (especially after exercising outdoors)  📢 Remember: Severe symptoms require urgent care.  , Beat the heat tips, Taking care of babies and children,   Infants and young children adapt to changes in temperature more slowly than adults, making them more vulnerable to extreme shifts such as heatwaves. Here are some of the ways you can take special care of them., Tips to keep your children safe during a heatwave 7 Tips to keep your children safe during a heatwave,   Check regularly to see if your child is thirsty, sweating, feeling hot, vomiting, has a dry and sticky mouth or is experiencing headaches. Wrap infants loosely – this can help prevent heat rashes and overheating and avoid severe symptoms. If you can, breastfeed infants under 6 months exclusively. Breastfeeding mothers should drink plenty of…, Advice for pregnant women,   Heat stress in pregnancy can put the baby at risk of low birthweight, early birth and even stillbirth, so it’s important that pregnant women are supported to avoid heat stress and know its symptoms, and when to get help., Heat stress in pregnancy Tips for pregnant women,   Avoid going out when it is hot (above 40°C/104°F). Exercise with low or moderate intensity as long as you are feeling comfortable and are hydrating and resting properly. Rest when possible, and share workloads with others when possible.
11 October 2021

Girls changing the narrative

3.84 billion is the population of girls around the world, that is 3.84 billion agents of change, creativity, determination, and empowerment. Despite this number, contributing to almost half of the world’s population, girls around the world still fight for better opportunities, to achieve equality for their generation, and the future ones. Girls in…, Girl smiles at the camera from the beach Girls can be environmental activists, “Some people are still not fully aware of the consequences of polluting the seas with garbage and plastic, and how harmful it can be to the aquatic creatures, I really hope that they become mindful of that.” – Noor, 17, Girl smiles at the camera as she holds her robot Girls can be tech trailblazers, With over 16 per cent of students in Jordan lacking internet access, Sally, 20, and Hala, 15, are determined to use their digital access and digital skills to empower other young girls in their communities, helping close the digital divide, among other inequalities. “Girls can accomplish anything they want. Pursue your dreams, be consistent,…, Girl making a coaster Girls can be artists, At only 9 years old, Nagham is already using art to express herself. Handmade coasters for her grandmother are one way to show Nagham’s love for her grandmother, and her love for crafting art too. “Last time I made a coaster and gave it to my grandmother, now she always uses it under the teapot.”, Girl showing her invention to the camera Girls can be inventors , To bridge the gap between the before and after “digital transformation”, Huda enrolled in a sumo robots class supported by UNICEF, to create a better future for herself, and to support other young girls in building a better future for themselves too - equipped with digital skills and tech-power. “I've been interested in robotics for a long time,…