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Situation Analysis of Children in Jordan 2017

The National Council for Family Affairs and UNICEF are pleased to issue this summary report on the joint situation analysis of children in Jordan. With a key focus on assessing the progress towards realizing children’s rights in Jordan, this report analyzes the current situation of all children in the country, including refugee and other vulnerable populations. 

Download: ARABIC  | ENGLISH 

My Needs, Our Future - Hajati Cash Transfer Post Distribution Monitoring Report June 2018

This report presents the results of the Post Distribution Monitoring (PDM) survey for the Hajati Child Cash Plus programme. It aims at updating the humanitarian and development community in Jordan about the Hajati programme and the scale of need in Jordan with regards to basic needs assistance, especially access to basic education. 


The Cost and Financial Impact of expanding the Civil Insurance Program to vulnerable Jordanians and Syrian refugees

The findings of this study include: (1) Estimates of the average cost of services at Ministry of Health (MOH) facilities in Jordan; (2) Estimated cost of expanding the Civil Insurance Program (CIP) coverage to vulnerable Jordanians; (3) Estimated cost of expanding the CIP coverage to registered Syrian refugees
living in urban areas; and (4) Modalities for health insurance coverage. 


Assessment of Syrian Refugee Children in Host Communities in Jordan - February 2018

This study identifies the types and extent (measured in terms of overlap) of multidimensional deprivation faced by children of Syrian refugee families in host communities in Jordan. It also tracks the changing circumstances of these families over time to inform decision making, improve the programmatic responses of UNICEF and other agencies, and increase organizational learning. 


Post distribution monitoring report: 2017-2018 UNICEF winter support to Syrian children in refugee camps in Jordan

The PDM report shows that the cash assistance is an effective and powerful tool to help families realize their rights to health, education and recreation. Families clearly understand its intended purpose, and are spending the cash on keeping their children warm during the winter. FULL REPORT

Hajati Baseline Report

Since the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year in Jordan, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Child Cash Grant (CCG) launched its new phase, an equity-driven, integrated social protection programme for all children in Jordan called Hajati, or ‘my need’ in Arabic.

Click here to download the full report

Evaluation of The Ma’An (Together) towards a Safe School Environment Programme 2009-2016 – Jordan

This report presents the evaluation of the Ma’An (Together) Towards a Safe School Environment, carried out by independent Evaluators i.e. AAN Associates, from Nov 2016 to Mar 2017. The findings and recommendations are based on the analysis of both qualitative and quantitative data.

Click here for English report

Click here for Arabic report

Support to the Government of Jordan to Realize the Jordan Compact Commitments on Education [Catchup Classes and Drop-out Programs]

This project has strengthened Non-Formal Education (NFE) programmes (Catch-Up and Drop-
Out programmes), improving the access and quality of education services, particularly for
vulnerable children in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

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A Promise of Tomorrow: The Effects of UNHCR and UNICEF Cash Assistance on Syrian Refugees in Jordan

The study highlighted that cash assistance is improving access to housing, helping families avoid harmful coping mechanisms, supporting greater spending on children’s schooling and improved academic performance, improving spending on child health and is helping to improve intra-household relationships due to reduced stress.

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Azraq refugee camp - Comprehensive Child Focused Assessment [Summary sheet]

The assessment presents indicators and progress in focus areas for children including: water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH); education; child protection; health and nutrition; and youth engagement and innovations. 


Running on Empty II - Situation of Syrian refugee children in host communities in Jordan

Running on Empty II includes findings from two waves of the longitudinal studies conducted in May and October 2016 on the situation of Syrian refugee children in host communities in Jordan. 


Journalistic practices on child protection issues in Jordan 2017

A study on “Journalistic Practices on Child Protection Issues in Jordan” launched today shows that media coverage of child rights and combatting violence against children in Jordan is still low and efforts need to be intensified to further expand partnerships between the media and concerned entities.

Summary of findings 

Post distribution monitoring report - UNICEF Winterization child cash assistance in Azraq and Za'aatri camps

This report presents the findings of the post distribution
monitoring of UNICEF Winterization Cash Transfer
programme in Azraq and Za’atari Camps that took place
from October 2016 to January 2017.

Download Report 

Qualitative report on children from marginalised Jordanian minority groups

Girls and boys of the Dom sub-group are amongst the most marginalized children in Jordan. Despite holding full citizenship rights, these children face discrimination; deprivation of basic rights such as education; and grave protection risks and concerns. 

Report in ARABIC | Report in ENGLISH

RUNNING ON EMPTY - Situation of Syrian children in host communities in Jordan

Based on data collected by UNICEF, other UN agencies, the Government of Jordan, and other development partners, as of May 2016, this study provides an accurate update on the situation of Syrian children in host communities, and defines data gaps to be filled by future research. 

Full Report June 2016 | Factsheet | Questionnaire-Wave 1

Photo: unicefjordan/lyon Achieving equity on the Use of Maternal and Child health services in Jordan

This report examines the utilization of health services and spending by households in Jordan. It advocates for a renewed focus on actions for equity in healthcare access – towards Jordan achieving the goal of Universal Health Coverage (UHC), a component of the Sustainable Development Goals.
Executive Summary | Policy briefs: Health Spending in Jordan | Improving data for health equity

Jordan Population and Housing Census 2015 - Summary Sheet with child focused indicators

This summary sheet produced by the Department of Statistics and UNICEF based on Jordan's Population and Housing Census report launched in late February 2016 focuses on key demographics, child related indicators and the Syrian refugee influx in the country. Download Summary Sheet

A Window of hope - UNICEF Child Cash Grant Final PDM Report February 2015

This report presents the impact of UNICEF’s unconditional Child Cash Grant programme in Jordan, based on three waves of monitoring (PDMs) in June, August and November 2015. 97% of sampled families reported that the CCG made a positive contribution to their overall well being. Download report 

Case Studies: Family 1  | Family 2 |  Family 3 
Guidelines: Case Studies | FGDs | PDM Questionnarie

UNICEF’S Emergency Psychosocial Support Response for Syrian Children in Jordan - 2015

This report includes an evaluation of the full range of Psycho-social support (PSS) activities for Syrian refugee children implemented by UNICEF and partners in 2013 and 2014 through child friendly spaces in refugee camps and host communities in Jordan. 
Download: Report

Evaluation of Emergency Education Response for Syrian Refugee children and host communities in Jordan

This evaluation reviews the Emergency Education Response (EER) for Syrian refugee children in camps and host communities in Jordan between 2012 and early 2015 and contribution made by Government of Jordan, donors, implementing partners and other UN agencies, with particular attention to the role of UNICEF. Download Report

A Window of hope - UNICEF child cash grant 2nd PDM report December 2015

This report presents the impact of UNICEF’s unconditional Child Cash Grant (CCG) programme in Jordan, based on the second round of Post Distribution Monitoring (PDM) conducted in August 2015, seven months into the programme.  91% of families reported that the CCG made an improvement to the overall wellbeing of the family, up from 89% in PDM round 1 of data collection. Download report

A Window of Hope - UNICEF child cash grant PDM report September 2015

This report presents the impact of UNICEF’s unconditional Child Cash Grant (CCG) programme in Jordan, based on the first round of Post Distribution Monitoring (PDM) conducted in June 2015. It is based on focus group discussions and questionnaire responses from a geographically representative sample of 500 beneficiary families. Download the report

Click to download report Za'atari camp Child Labour Assessment Report 2015

The sight of Syrian children working in Za’atari refugee camp is so common that there is a danger of tolerance and acceptance to child labour, warns a new report released by UNICEF Jordan and Save the Children International. More than 13% of children, aged 7 to 17 years, are working in Za'atari camp. This translates to some 3,300 children, the majority of whom are boys. Download report

Jordan Country Report on Out-of-School Children - May 2015

Jordan has made some striking progress for children’s education. Nearly 98 per cent of children aged 6 to 15 enrolled in schools. However, over 41% of five year old children are still out of pre-primary school, in addition to 30,000 children not accessing primary or lower secondary education. 

English: Summary | Factsheet | Arabic: Summary | Factsheet

Visit for full report.

JENA Report 2014 Joint Education Needs Assessment in Za'atari camp - Sept 2014

48.4% of all school-aged children in Za’atari camp are out-of-school. 38.6% of school-aged children are not currently attending any form of education and 28.3% have never attended any form of education. The Education Sector Working Group who led the study, coordinates with all stakeholders in supporting the public education system in current and future emergencies. [Click here for full report]

Nutrition survey of Syrian refugee children in Jordan - Aug 2014

The interagency nutrition survey conducted among the Syrian children in camp and communities from 22 April – 1 May 2014 found the prevalence of global acute malnutrition to be 1.2% among children in camps and o.8% in host communities. Anaemia among children 6-59 months was 48.4% in camps and 26.1% in host communities. [Click here for full report]

UNICEF Jordan early marriage study 2014 Study on early marriages in Jordan 2014

Of all registered marriages in Jordan for 2013, 13% involved girls below 18 years. Among Syrian refugees, child marriages has risen from 18% of total marriages in 2012 to 32% in the first quarter of 2014. Common factors for child marriage are poverty, burden of a large family, providing protection for young girls, continuing traditional practice. [Click here for full report



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