Developing a water secure future for vulnerable children

A Climate Resilient Water Safety Plan for Madaba, Jordan


  • UNICEF supported the Miyahuna Water Company to develop an enhanced Climate Resilient Water Safety Plan (CRWSP) framework, piloted in the Madaba Governorate. THE CRWSP provides scientifically based evidence to prioritize key water security risks, and the improvements needed to ameliorate the risks to ensure sustainable water resources and supply to vulnerable communities in the region.
  • UNICEF continues to work with Miyahuna to develop sound investment cases for the needed improvements.  Some improvements are being funded by Miyahuna and UNICEF, and additional funding is being sought from the donor community.

  • The CRWSP is not only improving water security in Madaba but will also inform future initiatives in Jordan to develop climate resilient and water secure communities.

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