Situation of Children in Jordan


Makani integrated approach

Makani (My Space in Arabic) is a comprehensive approach initiated by UNICEF in Jordan that allow children to access multiple services under one roof.

Programmes at Makani centres are designed to promote and contribute to children and young people’s full development and well-being – physical, cognitive, social and emotional. It links interventions in education – learning support services; child protection – psychosocial support services; adolescent and youth participation – life skills and innovation labs; and also integrates health, nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services. Each Makani centre also has a community outreach component as well as referral services to refer special cases to appropriate services.

Makani centres are located in cities, urban centres, Syrian refugee camps and vulnerable settlements (ITSs) in all 12 governorates of Jordan. All services at Makani centres are free of charge and open to all children in the catchment community, especially vulnerable girls and boys, irrespective of their nationality, abilities or status.

Real time monitoring

Bayanati, a computerized monitoring system that obtains real-time data, monitors the of service and tracks progress of children enrolled in Makani centres. The system has currently registered and is tracking over 60,000 girls and boys. Enhanced dis-aggregated data on beneficiaries of UNICEF-supported services is being used to optimize the locations of Makani centres to ensure support to underserved areas as well as expanding the Makani services to a larger scope of population of concern. 




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