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Jordan Population and Housing Census 2015


The total population of Jordan is 9.5 million as per the Population and Housing Census report released in late February 2016.  

Key findings:

· Total Population: 9,531,712 (Female: 47%; Males: 53%)

· Population of children below 18 years: 4.02 million (42%) 

· Jordanian citizens: 6,613,587

· Non-Jordanians:  30% percent of total [Syrian 1.3 million; Egyptians 0.6 million; Palestinians 0.6 million; Iraqis 130,000; 31,163 Yemenis 31,163; Libyans  22,700;  and 197,385 from other nationalities.]

· Total number of households: 1,977,534.

· Average household size: 4.8

· Acute or total functional disability: 2.7 percent (5 years & above)

· Any degree of functional disability (simple to total disability): 11% (5 years & above)

The Jordan Population and Housing Census is spearheaded by the Department of Statistics, Government of Jordan and supported by the European Union, the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, UNICEF and UNFPA. UNICEF support to the Department of Statistic resulted in a disability module being included in the 2015 Jordan Population Census that provided valuable data on children and people living with disabilities.   

Click for full census report in Arabic



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