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UNICEF and NCFA celebrate World Children’s Day as Jordan Goes Blue for Child Rights [19Nov2018]

US$46.2 million grant from the United States enables UNICEF to sustain crucial services for the most vulnerable children in Jordan [16Oct2018]

Model Inclusive Schools Helping Build a Fairer Society in Jordan [1 Oct 2018]

UNICEF Ambassador Zade Dirani launches world’s first music therapy programme for children in refugee camps [26Sept2018]

Government of the Republic of Korea contributes US$ 600,000 to UNICEF for the Makani programme [24 Sept. 2018]

Jordan University for Science and Technology and UNICEF partnership to explore innovative solutions to address Jordan’s water and wastewater challenges [14Aug2018]

[5Aug2018] معهد الإعلام الأردني واليونيسف يطلقان "جائزة صحافة الطفل"

More children in Jordan back to learning thanks to US$5.8 million funding from Norway to UNICEF [14May2018]

Over 400 youth graduate from ‘Amaluna’ - UNICEF supported vocational training programme in Jordan [9May2018]

UNICEF and Generations For Peace Expand Maharati Programme to reach 188 Jordan Youth Centres [9May2018]

Environment friendly and cost efficient water and sanitation network in Za’atari camp [3May2018]

‘Start-Up Za’atari’ celebrates innovation and enterprising spirit of Syrian refugee youth [3May2018]

Winter cash assistance helps Syrian children wrap up warm [30Apr2018]

Government of Japan grants US$2million to UNHCR and UNICEF for vital medical services to crisis-affected Syrians in Jordan [25Apr2018]

إدارة حماية الأسرة تفتتح فرعاً جديدا في عجلون لدعم الأطفال والنساء الناجين من العنف / Family Protection Department opens new center in Ajloun to support child and women survivors of violence [24 Apr 2018]

Government and civil society launch a 3-year National Action Plan to End Physical Violence Against Children in Jordan [28Mar2018]

اليونيسف: 85 % من الأطفال السوريين في "المجتمعات المضيفة" يعيشون تحت خط الفقر دراسة جديدة: تردي الأوضاع المعيشية للعائلات السورية خلال العامين الماضيين

UNICEF assessment shows 85 per cent of Syrian refugee children in host communities live in poverty [25Feb2018]

اليونيسف تتبرع بأجهزة للعناية بالأطفال حديثي الولادة لمستشفى الجامعة الأردنية 20 شباط 2018

UNICEF donates neonatal equipment to Jordan University Hospital [20 February 2018]

First years of life most critical for a child’s future – UNICEF [21 Dec 2017]

UNICEF: Make the digital world safer for children – while increasing online access to benefit the most disadvantaged [14Dec2017]

US$2.9 million grant from Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science helping UNICEF support education and skills training for vulnerable children and youth in Jordan [11 Dec.2017]

“Children takeovers and a child rights song” – Jordan celebrates World Children’s Day 2017 [20 Nov 2017]

Joint UNHCR and UNICEF Report Shows Impact of Cash Assistance; Highlights Refugees Remain Vulnerable [15Nov2017]

Norway’s grant of additional $6.9 million helping UNICEF expand access to education for all vulnerable children in Jordan [12Nov2017]

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Muzoon Almellehan returns to Jordan to meet Syrian refugees striving to get an education [15Oct2017]

UNICEF and private sector companies in Jordan discuss youth empowerment strategies for employment [12Oct2017]

Government of Japan grants US$3.5 million to UNHCR and UNICEF Jordan for continued assistance to crisis affected Syrians

“Nashatati” After School Programme to reach thousands of students across Jordan [26Sept2017]

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Priyanka Chopra meets with Syrian children and youth in Jordan [13Sep2017]

Arabic version - NAF, EU and UNICEF partner to strengthen social protection system for the most vulnerable children

NAF, EU and UNICEF partner to strengthen social protection system for the most vulnerable children [28Aug2017]

MOSD, UNICEF convenes experts meeting for a national strategy on foster care for children without parental care

NCFA & UNICEF urges for a stronger role of the media in ending violence against children in Jordan [20Aug2017]

Jordan celebrates International Youth Day with dynamic young men and women innovators [14Aug2017]

KOICA grants US$6 million to UNICEF for improved access for vulnerable children in Jordan to health, protection and education services [10Aug2017]

NCFA and UNICEF convenes strategic meeting towards creating a protective environment for all children in Jordan [25Jul2017]

Australia grants additional AU$13 million to UNICEF in expanding access to education for vulnerable children in Jordan [24July2017]

Louis Vuitton joins UNICEF in appealing for support to children affected by the Syrian crisis [13July2017]

Thousands of children in Jordan attending ‘Summer Schools’ to compensate for missed school days [11July2017]

Jordan's Ministry of Education and UNICEF launches plan to universalize access to kindergarten (KG2) [10Jul2017]

Government of Spain contributes €600,000 to UNICEF for child protection programmes in Jordan [28June2017]

French Ambassador meets girls and boys at the Baqa ‘Makani’ Centre [23May2017]

MoSD and UNICEF signs agreement for improving protection services for all children in Jordan [22May2017]

HRH Princess Iman honours girls and boys excelling in community service projects in Jordan [6May2017]

2 million Euros from EU’s humanitarian office to support urgent health and nutrition needs of vulnerable Syrian refugee families through UNICEF Jordan [30April2017]

NCFA and UNICEF present initiatives to end violence against children in Jordan [11Apr2017]

Tech Tribes and UNICEF hosts Jeel962 forum on using technology for youth to advance the SDGs in Jordan [25Mar2017]

UNICEF partners young people in Jordan in generating evidence and youth-led action in communities [23Mar2017]

NCFA and UNICEF releases Study on Journalists’ Practices on Child Protection Issues in Jordan [22Mar2017]

Education Ministry-UNICEF reaches thousands of out-of-school children in Jordan in second wave of registration

MoE, Orange and UNICEF launches a digital learning programme in public schools in Jordan [16Feb2017]

EU grants 4.4 million Euros to support the most urgent needs of vulnerable Syrian refugee families in Jordan through UNICEF

A fair chance for every child in Jordan [14 Feb 2017]

UNICEF helping thousands of Syrian children weather the harsh winter cold in Jordan

Jordan continues expanding its school system to provide education for every child

[19 Aug 2016] Jordan Commits to provide Education to Every Child

[2 Aug 2016] Breastfeeding: A key to Sustainable Development in Jordan

[31 May 2016] Towards achieving health equity for children and women in Jordan

[26 May 2016] Five international donors grant JOD 57.7 million to GOJ committment to reach education to all children in Jordan

[10 May 2016] 4.8 million Euros from EU’s humanitarian office to support the most urgent needs of vulnerable Syrian refugee families in Jordan through UNICEF

[17Apr2016] Za’atari youth gain entrepreneurial skills for technology, creative industries and social initiatives

[22 Mar 2016] Humanitarian agencies come together to promote water conservation on World Water Day in Jordan

[16 March 2016] National, Regional and Global Leaders Gather in Amman to Drive Global, Child-Foused Policy

Jordan Population and Housing Census 2015

[29Feb2016] Independent monitoring reports UNICEF cash assistance having significant impact on the well-being of Syrian refugee children in Jordan

[2 Feb 2016] '1001 Nights' edutainment to support learning and psychosocial services for children of Syria in Jordan

[13 Jan 2016] Four youth innovation labs launched in Jordan

[17 Dec 2015] Government of the Netherlands contributes additional 13 million Euros to UNICEF for vulnerable Syrian refugee children in Jordan

[14 Dec 2015] UNICEF & WFP launch 2nd joint programme to help Syrian children weather the harsh winter in Jordan

[24 Nov 2015] Government of the Republic of Korea grants additional US$600,000 to UNICEF towards increasing access to education and learning opportunities for vulnerable children in Jordan

[12 Nov.2015] EU humanitarian office grants additional €6 million for UNICEF's emergency cash assistance to Syrian children in Jordan

[27 Oct 2015] New schools in Za’atari refugee camp to improve access and quality of education for Syrian children

[26 Oct 2015] Orange Jordan launches its “Digital schools program” at UNICEF Makani centres in Jordan

[30 Sept 2015] Digital portal enables children in Za’atari to speak directly with UN General Assembly delegates in New York

[1 Sept 2015] Government of Jordan commits to providing learning opportunities for all children

[1 Sept 2015] UNICEF to build local capacity in measuring child disability in Jordan

[26 Aug 2015] Discussions on Jordan’s juvenile bylaws underway at Dead Sea

[19 Aug 2015] New remedial education centre & borehole opens in Azraq Camp

[10 Aug 2015] Jordan enacts regulation against the marketing of breastmilk substitutes

[14 July 2015] Malala to support girls’ education in Jordan

[6 July 2015] Rehabilitated Zarqa pumping station to provide more reliable water supply to 500,000 residents

[11 Jun 2015] Child labourers becoming invisible in Za’atari

[27 May 2015] Jordan launches National Evaluation Days in commemoration of the International Year of Evaluation 2015

[12 May 2015] Jordan country report on out-of-school children launched

[23 April 2015] Government of Jordan and UNICEF launches cost-efficient water initiatives in Za’atari camp

[12Mar2015] ‘Makani’ (My Space) initiative to expand learning opportunities for vulnerable children in Jordan

[9March2015] Government of the Republic of Korea contributes US$1.55 million to UNICEF for increasing access to formal and informal education opportunities for vulnerable children in Jordan

[4March2015] UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and Turkish actress, Tuba Büyüküstün, visits Syrian children in Za’atari refugee camp







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