Child Protection



Real lives

Young, Gifted and Violence Free: young people trained as peace facilitators

Opal Dunn - Power Peer Advocate

Football brings Unity to Violence-Torn Mountain View Community.

Kemesha Kelly - Student Leader Supporting Adolescent Participation.

Josephine Simpson - Roving Caregiver

Jamaican Children Learn Brazilian Capoeira as a Dance for Peace.

Youth Peace Facilitator Carrington Bishop - Bringing Peace to August Town.

Boundbrook Primary School Uses Puppets for HIV/AIDS Education.

Xchanger Orlando Hamilton- An "Agent for Change."

Windward Road Primary School's Breakfast Programme Ensures Children's Right to Education

Oxford Remedial School -Giving Children a Second Chance

Local Beauty Queen Gives "Lessons for Life" to Jamaican Children.

Jamaica: Gender-fair Schools stem boys' anger.

The Transitions Project - Helping Jamaican Children Make the Move from Pre-Primary to Primary School

Roving Caregivers - Providing Early Childhood Care and Stimulation Right at Home!

Youth Information Centres - Providing Youth-Friendly Spaces for Young People

Missing out on Childhood Because of HIV/AIDS

Putting "Children First" in Violence Prevention Efforts.

Youth Challenge Myths, Stigma and HIV/AIDS in Rural Jamaica.

Xchanger Andred Taylor - Positive Change Begins With Him

From School Dropout to Activist and Advocate - Jason's Story

Artistes Against AIDS - Using the Power of Music Against a Pandemic



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