08 December 2020

Checking-in with children with disabilities

“Are you having a good time using your tablets?” “YES!!!” shouts a chorus of students. It’s the International day for persons with disabilities and Jamaica’s Portfolio Minister for Education, Youth and Information, Hon Fayval Williams, is hosting a virtual check-in to learn from students with special needs, some of 534 who are receiving tablets…, Helping learning continue at home, “I use my tablets to read, do my online schoolwork, to do maths and learning things. – Amoya White, aged 11,a student at Randolph Lopez School in Hope in Kingston. For Tichan Beadle, aged 18 from Edgehill School of Special Education, St Ann, besides improving on her subjects, the tablet has also helped her social skills and it is a source of …, ‘One Laptop or Tablet Per Child’, The tablets are ‘Accessibility Ready’, meaning that that students can use them upon delivery. Valued at US$100,000,  the UNICEF donation is in support of the Ministry’s ‘One Laptop or Tablet Per Child’ initiative  and goes to children identified by their Special Education Unit as most in-need. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit households with children…, Adapting to the new norm, Across Latin America and the Caribbean, 97% of students are currently out-of-school. Here in Jamaica, UNICEF is working with the National College for Educational Leadership (NCEL) to  help school leaders to adapt to the new norm of distance learning , and their teaching staff to  keep innovating , whether by online or offline means. Then there is…, Resources for parents, From videos to activities to stories,  visit our webpage for families of children with the disabilities , giving you the information you need to help them reach their full potential in life.
24 November 2020

Sometimes even heroes need a helping hand

When Miguel Murray goes to work, his children worry. A porter at the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI), he’s proud of his supporting role ensuring that patients can be treated. But that work comes with the added risk of potential exposure to COVID-19 facing Jamaica’s healthcare workers. “To be frank helping people is something that I…, Healthcare worker making ends meet, “It takes a big pride out of your heart, because you want your kids to be alright. To cut it short, I wish for better.” They are among 3,500 families of children with disabilities, selected by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security for a share of  J$40 million in grants donated by UNICEF  to the Programme of Advancement Through Health and…, Recipient of UNICEF-PATH grant, With two sons suffering from asthma, including one who often requires hospitalisation, Nadine and Miguel say the funds have come in handy covering essential items like school uniforms, books and visits to the wholesale store. They feel no hurt to their pride being PATH recipients. But the feeling of working hard and being unable to make ends meet…, Family bonds despite COVID-19, But family itself – daughters, Mickayla,14 and Monique, 18; and sons Matthew, 9 and Maldini, 16 – has been a comfort for Miguel. “One of the main things is that you get to spend a lot more time with your kids – so you get more quality time. It’s not like before when kids come home, do their homework and are gone on the road. Now it’s a more…, Sons’ pre-existing health conditions, Today a smell of burning is drifting into the yard from nearby when the rain starts. Matthew, and Maldini, named after a famous Italian football player, know to pause their passion for football and return inside. “I am very proud to know that he’s helping other people to live,” says the elder brother. “But he’s only human so I worry a lot for him…, National Parent Month, Did you know that November is National Parent Month? This year the National Parenting Support Commission (NPSC) is holding it under the theme ‘Fathers Rise! Lead and be Wise!’ UNICEF earlier this year interviewed another Super Dad from the same community as Miguel about his approach to positive discipline. You can read that story  here . You can…