Fiscal Expenditure on Services for Children in Jamaica, 2003/4 - 2005/6

Prepared for GOJ and UNICEF

Photograph of Rhyim Roach walks to school at Holy Family Primary in Parade Gardens, Kingston, a school supported by UNICEF partner Fight for Peace. He has since graduated and entered high school.
UNICEF Jamaica/2019/Michail Gripiotis


This study has been commissioned by the Government of Jamaica and UNICEF to determine the share of the budget of the Government of Jamaica that benefits children directly, and indirectly through women in their roles as care-givers. It has been based on a review of relevant studies and reports, data extracted from the government’s budget, and interviews with government officers with appropriate expertise. The data has been presented in an array that highlights the expenditure on children, and forms the basis for the calculation of indicators of expenditure on children.

Dr. Michael Witter
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