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Staying Schooled in Western Rural Jamaica

Thousands of children in rural western Jamaica are missing from school.

They face one major challenge. The cost of getting to school and buying breakfast or lunch there – typically the equivalent of US $5 a day – is too expensive.

UNICEF and Western Union have partnered to help change this, with one aim: keep children in school.

Several schools in Westmoreland and Hanover are meeting this goal with a simple, low-cost solution: they are growing what students eat.

In 2014, the schools used small grants to invest in chicken farms and school gardens, supplying meat and vegetables at a cost to their school canteens – which in turn are used to provide breakfast and lunch programmes free of cost to students who are frequently out of school.

Many of the schools involve the students themselves, as well as their parents – who work hands-on in the gardens and farms alongside Agricultural Science teachers and local farmers, learning valuable skills and contributing to the success of their own feeding programmes.

This basic model is working. Students who were missing school regularly are back in the classroom. The schools own the process, and sustain the programmes with profits from selling their produce.

Partnering for Progress: Donation Drive October 1 - December 31, 2015

Now, with your help, the schools can build on their success. With your donation, they can reach more students, expand their programmes and make them more sustainable.

With just US $5, you can ensure a child eats a balanced home-grown meal at school, making it easier for that child to focus, to learn and to get the education to which they are entitled.

Please make your donation on the Western Union Foundation website: http://foundation.westernunion.com/partnering_for_progress.html



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