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Fact Sheet on UNICEF Support to Immunisation Week 2004

DATE:  19 April, 2004
FOR:  Media
FROM:  UNICEF Representative
SUBJECT: Immunization Week in Jamaica

1. Major goals of EPI in Jamaica
To vaccinate 100% of children 0-11 months with BCG, DPT/DT, Hepatitis B, Haemophilus Influenza (Type B), measles-mumps-rubella and poliomyelitis
To fully immunize all children under the age of 7 years prior to school entry, including basic and nursery school
 To immunize antenatal clients to prevent neonatal tetanus.

2. Coverage has fallen since the 90’s (source MOH/PAHO):
 Achieved coverage 2003:
BCG  87.9%
OPV  80.5%
DPT/DT  81.4%
MMR  78.1%

Achieved Coverage 1996:
BCG  98%
OPV  92%
DPT/DT  92%
MMR  99%

 3. Community Health Aides (CHAs) conduct home visits, educate parents on the importance of clinic attendance, especially for immunization, maintenance of the cold chain by charting temperatures and review immunization cards in order to assess immunization status. Pilot project using Early Childhood (EC) practitioners to sensitize, inform and advise parents (St. Catherine and Clarendon). Evaluation of the EPI programme conducted in October 2003 with the help of PAHO
Recommendations included the following –
Needs revised field guidelines, cold chain equipment, standardized supply management system
Needs more supervision and monitoring
Needs more sustained public education, social mobilization and regular community outreach session

SUPPORT to ROUTINE EPI of the Min of Health  from UNICEF  ( with PAHO, UNICEF, Rotary, private sector and the media).
 Provision of Immunization cards, supply, cold chain equipments
Training for staff and Training of EC practitioners in St. Catherine and Clarendon
Incentives for children vaccinated
Outreach sessions
Participation in the Inter-Agency Co-ordinating Committee Plan of Action for 2004 includes --
Maintenance of adequate vaccine and other supplies, as well as maintenance of clinics 
Training of health staff and EC practitioners
Printing of standardized guidelines, registers and forms
Procurement of cold chain equipment
On-going supervision and monitoring
Printing of educational material and sustained public education through PSAs

UNICEF’s support to Vaccination Week of the Americas (April 24-30, 2004):  approx. USD 100,000
In complement to routine activities aiming at strengthening routine immunization.-targeting 28,000 children under 5 not fully immunized.
 Procurement of vaccines valuing US $ 73,028.90
OPV  35,000 doses
DPT  20,000
DT (P)    1,000
DPT/Hep B/HIB 12,000
MMR  15,000
Provision of 160 vests for Immunization Team workers
Support for door-to-door activities in urban and rural hard-to-reach communities in St. Catherine and St Andrew
Provision of 1000 adverse events registers and 1000 older child vaccine registers
 Printing of 500 posters, 1000 flyers and 5000 stickers

Contacts: Bertrand Bainvel, UNICEF Representative,, Monica Dias, Communications Officer,



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