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Stop #8 - Munro College for Boys

Kingston, 26 October 2013 – “In Arce Sitam Quis Occultabit.” These words ring over the Hills and Plains of St. Elizabeth, echoing the history of a school with a legacy of excellence.  This is the motto of Munro College and it aptly translates to “A City Set Upon A Hill Cannot Be Hid.” Founded in 1856, the school has survived disasters both man-made and natural and stands tall, proud and true today.

The Munronians of this generation strive to preserve the legacy of this school and as they welcomed the Talk Up Yout School Tour to their City on the Hill, they were impressively well-behaved and were perfect gentlemen and ladies. The Talk Up Yout School Tour is led by Emprezz Golding and powered by UNICEF, National Baking Company, Purewater and Island Grill. Accompanying the team on this visit were representatives of UNICEF, the Office of the Children’s Registry, The Bureau of Gender Affairs, the Organized Crime Investigation Division of the JCF and hugely popular local and international Reggae artiste Etana.

The aim of the Talk Up Yout School Tour is to engage young people in stimulating discussions about the issues they deal with and/or witness around them in their wider community or country. This opportunity was welcomed by the young men and women of Munro College who eloquently spoke out on these matters. Munro recently opened its gates to young women for their Sixth Form Program.

Although not many of the students spoke about their personal issues, they had much to say regarding the behaviour of young people in general and also had riveting solutions to some of these problems. Crime and violence, juvenile delinquency, moral degradation, child abuse, transportation issues, poor governance, the unstable economy, loss of patriotism, lack of confidence and academic difficulties were some of the issues raised.

Interspersed between the serious discussions were moments of light-hearted fun. Emprezz, aiming to better understand the boy’s opinion of all-boys educational institutions enquired about what makes a Munronian special, a question to which 6th form student replied “We are Munronians, no explanation necessary.” This response earned him standing ovation and cheers from his schoolmates.

They were also asked about their relationship with the new Munro ladies and the students of the Hampton’s School. The female students admitted to being propositioned by the boys occasionally but noted that they were always gentlemen and they were careful to approach them confidently and respectfully.

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