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Stop #6 - Glenmuir High School

On Friday the 11th of October the Talk Up Yout School tour which is powered by Emprezz, UNICEF, National Baking Company, Purewater and Island Grill, visited the pride and joy of Clarendon, the Glenmuir High School. The motto of Glenmuir is Flagrans Veritatis Studio which translates to “Burning with the Zeal for Truth” and the students of Glenmuir High were clearly on fire when we visited.

The panel discussion was led by Emprezz Golding and consisted of six students: Racquel Smalling, Andre Barrett, Gillian Williams, Amoy Muirhead, Xandre Mohansingh and Allison Mitchell. One of the guidance counselors of Glenmuir High – Mrs A. Francis and popular Jamaican entertainer Roy Thompson a.k.a Bugle were also on the panel. A representative from the Office of the Children’s Registry (OCR) Cassetta Green was on site to provide valuable information to the students.

The issues raised by the students of Glenmuir included peer pressure, studying difficulties, bullying, the economy, discrimination, child abuse, child labour, making the right choices, brain drain, low self-esteem, bleaching, underpaid teachers, human trafficking, materialism, condoms in schools, the age of consent, pre-marital sexual activity, unemployment and the high cost of tertiary education.

Of all the issues raised, the economy was by far the most widely discussed. One would think that Glenmuir’s entire school population was studying Economics. Not only were they aware of the different phenomena surrounding Jamaica’s economy, they also quite readily gave a myriad of solutions to our economic woes.

Several students thought a change of voting style was necessary, others wanted Jamaicans to “stop complaining” and fix the problems themselves. Other students called for the educated population of Jamaica to desist from migrating for better conditions and job opportunities, but their peers retorted by saying that sometimes the best and the brightest migrate and return eventually armed with expertise to help the country.

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