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Stop #1 - Tivoli Gardens High

At 12:05 in the afternoon, on Friday, September 13, 2013 the TALK UP YOUT team led by Emprezz Golding and accompanied by representatives from the Jamaica Youth Advocacy Network, UNICEF, the National Centre for Youth Development and powered by National Baking Company and Pure Water began the journey to the Tivoli Gardens High School for the first stop on the TALK UP YOUT School Tour.

The day’s activities began with a panel discussion moderated by Emprezz with panelists Steppa, Agent Sasco, a teacher at Tivoli Gardens High School Mr. Felton Robinson and five students who represented forms 1 to 5. The beautiful students of Tivoli Gardens High School welcomed the chance to talk up and raised several issues without any prompting. The panel discussion spanned an array of issues such as Gun Violence, Bleaching, Sexual, Physical and Verbal Abuse and Rape, Emotional Pain, Peer Pressure, Neglect, Juvenile Delinquency, Bullying, Depression, Sex, Teenage Pregnancy, the distribution of condoms in schools and the negative influences of the media. The students on the panel spoke confidently and openly of the issues affecting their communities and Jamaica at large and were able to identify not only the causes of some of these issues but also possible solutions.

Students in the audience were encouraged to highlight their issues and to comment on the various topics discussed as the afternoon progressed and some of the more charismatic students gave examples of some of the issues by pointing out students who were guilty of bullying or bleaching. Emprezz interacted with the students throughout the discussion reminding them that they are beautiful, strong, intelligent and confident students who have a voice that must be heard. 

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