Paradise of Basra

Province of Basra

Carlo Jeelo
A guy is standing in front of a date tree
UNICEF Iraq/2019/Jeelo
19 September 2019

The province of Basra in southern Iraq, is one of the hottest provinces in summer, the province suffered from water crisis last summer, the crisis affected many people's gardens and crops and some of them did not plant anything because of the crisis.

For Raad, who lives in Basra, Haritha district with his family consisting of his wife and three children, the most important thing for him is house garden or, as he likes to call it "paradise of Basra" where he grows and harvests his crops. This year because of the availability of water he planted on his land and it is now green and beautiful as it was before.

I spend a lot of time in it (my garden) where I feel comfortable and calm and forget about hot weather, last year I did not plant anything and remained barren, but now I water it daily and enjoy it.

Raad said
A man is taking dates from date tree
UNICEF Iraq/2019/Jeelo

Raad's family was forced to buy water for bathing and daily use. Water was available at certain times during the day and then it was cut off. It cost them a lot of money, as well as the daily worry about the lack of water.

Many times, we lived in anxiety and we used water carefully for fear it would end. because, water was cutting off daily and we had to manage our things, Raad said

I always like to water our garden, last year that I have not been able to water like I was doing. I water it daily and had so much fun with my little brother Musa, when we are playing water games

Alaa 10 years
Two children are watering the garden
UNICEF Iraq/2019/Jeelo

Al-Haritha district, where Raad lives, is supplied by water from (five and twenty million project) water station. The station pumps water into the area with a programming system, pumping for specific hours and then stope pumping because of the need for new pumps.

With the support of the US government, UNICEF has provided, installed and equipped two new pumps to pump water into the area on a daily basis without interruption.

Now we can pump water continuously and for 24 hours. These two pumps helped us deliver water to the farthest houses in the area." Engineer Abdul Rahim Obaid - Project Manager 25 million - Haritha District

UNICEF works with its partners to provide water in all areas of Basra, where it has now supplied more than 10 new pumps to pump water daily.