Learning with fun

How non-formal education is transforming the way children learn in Iraq

Anmar Rfaat
TDH Center in Khazir camp
UNICEF Iraq/2019/Anmar
18 August 2019

In the area of Hasansham north of Iraq, there are three camps with more than 19,000 families living in very difficult conditions during this hot season of the year.

In a partnership with TDH Organization, UNICEF recently opened an informal education center to help children learn languages gain skills and have fun

TDH Center in Hasansham camp
UNICEF Iraq/2019/Anmar

I love to come here every day, I have my friends and I love my teachers too

6 years old Farah Said
Farah, 6 years old, in the Mathematic class in Khazir camp
UNICEF Iraq/2019/Anmar

At this center, children are taught, Arabic and English, numbers, and counting.

Sahar distributes balls to the children, in Hasansham camp
UNICEF Iraq/2019/Anmar

These kids have a very difficult life, in this center, they can feel like they’re really kids again

explained Sahar, a TDH team leader

I like the games a lot and I love to eat popcorn, said 5 years old Zina.

A child is sitting
UNICEF Iraq/2019/Anmar

This project is for children who are out of school. It’s a way to prepare them for reentering school, says Hema Vinod, an Education Specialist with UNICEF Iraq.

With generous support from the German government, these centers received over 600 boys and girls every day.

children are playing
UNICEF Iraq/2019/Anmar

All the children here need support, they have gone through exceptional circumstances that they can’t easily forget, so the activities help to make their lives better and better. said Ammar Hassan, a TDH program director.


This year, as the world celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, we are calling on more impactful public to ensure that every child exercises his or her right to education, protection and health.


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