Investing in education for a better Iraq

School based management

Krman Kamal & Iman Abdullah
Children are sitting in the exam
UNICEF Iraq/2019/Iman
23 May 2019

Education provides us with a chance to understand the globe in a better way and offers us a chance to use that knowledge and skills acquired wisely.

School Based Management allows principals, head teachers, teachers, parents, and communities to participate in managing their schools and decide what to do in order to improve the quality of education. SBM is a comprehensive program that contributes to moving gradually from the strict centralization to decentralization at the school level, which offers an opportunity for local communities to participate in solving local issues, including improving the quality of education for their children.

In partnership with the Ministry of Education, UNICEF is supporting the rollout of School-Based Management to 468 schools in Baghdad, Anbar, and Najaf to allow local communities to create child-friendly schools and improve the quality of learning.

An SBM training was conducted during March and concluded in April, and nearly 541 participants from 161 schools in Baghdad, Anbar, and Najaf attended. This training helped the trainees to exchange experience and knowledge among themselves also it gave a high level of confidence to teachers that will work on this project.


This project gave the teachers and the school team an opportunity to be more creative, develop, improve in the educational environment, and explained the concept of self- development.

Senior Educational Supervisor Dr. Kadim
A teacher in a training session
UNICEF Iraq/2019/Iman

Mahli Aziz is a school principal in Najaf, he believes that SBM has a lot of benefits such as social partnership and encouraging parents to be more active and be able to make the decisions necessary to make their children’s schools better places for learning.

The program helps the principals and teachers to search for new ideas in the field of their work and teaches them how to work as one team. A letter of appreciation is used as one of the motivations for the school team and this urges them to improve.

Zahra’s mother believes that her daughter’s school is better than the rest because teachers try different activities, celebrate different events, and motivate students through fun and educational activities like science competitions.

"The sophisticated learnings tools, the clean and child-friendly spaces, and a  system of awarding students who perform well are making students want to work harder" she explained.

Children are sitting in the classroom
UNICEF Iraq/2019/Iman

My father asked me to leave school, I left school for two years but now I have gone back to school and I am happy with the different methods and learning materials that the school uses.