Annual Results 2021

UNICEF in Iraq

UNICEF Iraq/2022/Anmar
UNICEF Iraq/2022/Anmar


In 2021, children in Iraq continued to go through a triple emergency combining COVID-19, the economic crisis stemming from the pandemic, and the challenges caused by years of conflicts. Decades of political and economic insecurity, coupled with persistent governance challenges, have taken a profound toll on Iraq’s children, limiting their ability to thrive and enjoy the full spectrum of their rights.
In UNICEF, we have continued to work for every child. In the context of the specific circumstances and challenges they face, we have helped accelerate progress towards positive outcomes for children and young people.

The report Annual Results of UNICEF in Iraq for 2021, following the recently published UNICEF Global Annual Results 2021, takes stock of annual results of UNICEF in Iraq. It also serves to showcase the achievements made possible through contributions of our donors and the impact in the lives of children and young people. A heartfelt thank you to our partners for helping us to make a difference in children lives in Iraq.

About UNICEF 2021 Results for Every Child 
In line with the UNICEF Strategic Plan 2018 – 2021, the Report Annual Results of UNICEF in Iraq for 2021 covers our five goal areas and two cross-cutting areas.
1. Every child survives and thrives 
2. Every child learns 
3. Every child is protected from violence and exploitation 
4. Every child lives in a safe and clean environment 
5. Every child has an equitable chance in life 
6. Humanitarian Action
7. Gender Equality


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