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I was born in 1996. My name is Wissam Qasim and my family is made of 16 members, I am the third oldest son. My father works as a labourer and he’s the only person supporting us financially in this country which has only seen wars and instability.


I love going to school very much and was looking forward to the future because I would love to be an agricultural engineer. But when I was 8 years old the war came and destroyed everything and left me without a school or a dream.


My family and I started looking for a place to live, a shelter and some stability was the most important thing for my family. I had to leave school to help my father and I chose to work in something that a little bit close to my dream of becoming an agricultural engineer.


I work now as a cleaner in Al-Rashdiya Municipality, I work on cleaning streets. I liked working because it meant that I helped my father in bringing food for the family. I would be lying if I said I want to stay in this work, I would love to go back to my school and make my dream of becoming an engineer true. I wish the district where I live is clean and I work as an engineer in it. I wish it has a football field. I wish I work on building Iraq and say 'No' to war. I am 15 years old.



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