Real lives


Real Lives

Meeting enormous needs in camp schools                                       For the teachers and administrators at a new UNICEF-supported school for 3,667 students every day is exhausting - yet also full of hope.

In Iraq, taking steps to stamp out cholera                                      With an outbreak of cholera threatening to spread, UNICEF has launched a campaign to inform vulnerable communities on basic measures for prevention and treatment.

Child-friendly spaces aid recovery in Iraq                                       Displaced from her home and separated from her parents, a young girl in a camp in northern Iraq finds a safe space where she can learn, play and make friends. [Arabic]

School offers a chance to begin again                                              A new school in Cham Mishko camp helps displaced Yazidis - many who have missed more than a year of learning - return to the classroom. [Arabic]

5 Questions: The Rapid Response Mechanism                         UNICEF staff discuss the role of the RRM in providing aid in emergencies.

Preventing polio - and cholera - in Iraq                                     UNICEF and partners take an innovative approach to the double threat of disease facing children and families. [Arabic]

"I want to stay here and take care of Syrian children"                   Two young Syrians discuss what inspires them to dedicate their lives to the students [Arabic]

Designing schools to meet children's needs                                   The child-friendly schools approach improves the learning environment in schools in Iraq [Arabic]

Cultural festival connects communities                                           A UNICEF-supported peace, culture and art festival builds unity among communities in northern Iraq.  [Kurdish]

For displaced families, cash provides reprieve                            UNICEF provides cash transfers to displaced familes in Iraq. 

A family reunited after month's of uncertainty                                 A young mother's courage and resourcefulness saves her and her son from vicious captivity. 

"These kits save lives"                                                                  Once an aid recipient, Ali now helps distribute emergency supplies to newly displaced families in Iraq. 

Healing through movement and art                                               A UNICEF-supported Friends of Waldorf summer school programme takes a holistic approach to learning and healing in northern Iraq.

"We almost feel like we're in our own home"                                  A Syrian family find a way to contribute to their community by helping maintain the camp plumbing system.

Summer schools gets Iraqi children back to learning                   UNICEF summer school programmes are helping 7,200 students in central Iraq catch up on missed learning.  [Arabic]

Baby huts: supporting infant health in Iraq                                    UNICEF works to ensure that children born in refugee and IDP camps in Iraq get the best possible start to life .

Emergency supplies for Fahima's family                                        The UNICEF and WFP-led Rapid Response Mechanism helps families like Fahima's cope with displacement.

Summer workshops build confidence and connect communities     UNICEF ensures children in camps and in host communities have education opportunities during the summer.

'God willing, our situation will improve'                                          As funding for the emergency response in Iraq plunges, a young boy holds out hope for a better future.

Training and quick thinking saves lives                                           When a potentially fatal fire broke out in Aliawe Camp, UNICEF Iraq facilitators knew exactly what to do to keep families safe.

Fawsi's new school                                                                       A new school in Dawidiya Camp will provide 800 displaced Iraqi children with access to education.

Promoting good health practices for displaced children                   Salma's health suffered in the tumult of displacement. UNICEF's Health and Nutrition Cluster helped her recover and get back to school in time to complete her final exams.

Empowering Yazidi Women Through Photography                            A UNICEF-facilitated photography workshop builds confidence, facilitates friendships, and provides a sense of belonging.

"I'm very proud of myself for helping others"                              Water and sanitation volunteers in a Syrian refugee camp in Iraq help maintain camp facilities for their friends and neighbours.  [Arabic]

Rehabilitating schools for host communities in Iraq                    UNICEF's collaboration with Parent Teacher Associations ensures that host community students continue their education.

Getting water to go uphill                                                             To reach a group of families sheltering on an isolated plateau with no water, UNICEF takes a creative approach to water delivery.

Khalid's Story                                                                                Aid from the UNICEF and WFP-led Rapid Response Mechanism helped Khalid's family cope in a time of crisis

Ali's Story                                                                                    A child-friendly space provides Ali a safe venue to learn, socialize and play

Sarab's Story                                                                              UNICEF-initiated intervention helped ensure that despite being displaced, Sarab hasn't missed out on a year of school

In Iraq, water brings relief                                                             For a displaced grandmother and her family, new water and sanitation facilities have helped improve everyday life.

"They're my children, not my students                                         Amidst upheaval and conflict, a school principal in Kirkuk struggles to make life as normal as she can for her 900 displaced students.

Rusul's new school                                                                       A new tented school in an IDP camp in Baghdad allows hundreds of displaced students to continue their education.

Cash transfers meet unique child needs                                       How do families spend money provided to them in a UNICEF cash assistance project in Iraq? We profile five families to find out.

Welcoming baby Fatima                                                               A birth registration programme ensures that despite displacement, newborn children get proper documentation.

Creating communities for displaced children                                     A UNICEF-supported children's entertainment programme benefits the broader community.

"I stayed because of my children"                                                 UNICEF Education Officer Iman Abdullah is determined to stay and work in Iraq, despite the dangers.




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