UNICEF in Iraq and Ministry of Youth and Sports Launch Platforms to Empower Youth to Combat Climate Change

Innovative Initiatives Unveiled on International Youth Day to Equip Iraqi Youth with Green Skills and Knowledge

13 August 2023

 Baghdad, Iraq – 13 August 2023 – On International Youth Day, UNICEF and the Ministry of Youth and Sports launch a series of new innovative platforms designed to empower Iraqi youth and address the pressing challenges posed by climate change. These pioneering initiatives, including the National Youth Council and the Youth United for Climate Action coalition, mark a significant step towards equipping young people with the skills and knowledge to actively contribute to their communities and pave the way for a sustainable future.

Under the leadership of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and with UNICEF’s support, these multi-faceted platforms will play a pivotal role in nurturing an informed and empowered generation of youth. The initiatives align seamlessly with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, reflecting a shared commitment to fostering youth engagement, driving climate action, and advancing sustainable development in Iraq.

"This joint work with UNICEF represents a momentous leap forward in our efforts to empower Iraqi youth and confront the urgent challenge of climate change," says Mr. Ahmed Muhammed Al-Mubarqa’a, Minister of Youth and Sports. "Through these platforms, we are equipping our young citizens with essential tools and opportunities to emerge as leaders within their communities, champion positive change and contribute to a resilient and sustainable future."

"These transformative platforms, resulting from our strong collaboration with both the Government and committed young people, will enable Iraqi youth to take up leadership in sustainable development and climate action. Investing in youth skills, knowledge, and passion is key for these young agents of change to catalyze enduring, positive impact," says Sandra Lattouf, UNICEF Representative in Iraq.

The Youth United for Climate Action coalition, a new flagship initiative, represents an unprecedented union of Iraqi youth dedicated to addressing climate change head-on. Through evidence-based research, innovative solutions, and grassroots campaigns, the coalition will champion strategies for climate adaptation and mitigation. The National Youth Council provides an inclusive platform for young Iraqis to voice their concerns, ideas, and aspirations. The National Life Skills Programme, implemented earlier this year, continues to empower young individuals with crucial skills in employment, entrepreneurship, and environmental awareness.

These groundbreaking initiatives reflect UNICEF's unwavering commitment to championing the rights and well-being of every child and young person, ensuring they possess the tools and opportunities to shape a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

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