Country Programme Counterparts


Country Programme Counterparts

UNICEF greatly values its partnerships with the Government of Iraq, other UN agencies, international and national NGOs working in the country.


UNICEF's counterpart ministries in Iraq are the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior, and Ministry of Water Resources. There are however other departments in various ministries which are partners with UNICEF in planning and implementing its programmes and activities; for example The Child Welfare Commission (CWC) and the Central Statistics Office (CSO). UNICEF also partners with the respective ministries and departments at the Kurdistan Regional Government.


The UNICEF's country office in Baghdad manages implementation and monitoring of its programme in Iraq, providing vision, direction, coordination and technical support to Zonal Offices in Erbil, Baghdad and Basra.


Coordinating with other UN agencies, bilateral donors, NGOs and Government ministries, the UNICEF country office takes a national perspective on advocacy, policy, planning and programming in the best interest of children in Iraq. 


To learn more about UNICEF's partners in the programme areas of Health, Education, Water & Sanitation, Child Protection and Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation, click the links on the left hand bar.



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