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Partnerships are a central feature of UNICEF’s efforts to achieve greater results for children, fulfil children’s rights and help countries realize the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).


UNICEF’s mandate includes working with governments and non-governmental organisations focused on child welfare.


UNICEF receives its funding from voluntary contributions. Funds are divided into regular and other resources. Regular Resources (RR) are unrestricted in their use and are employed by UNICEF to fund its country programmes, along with programme support, management and administration activities approved by the UNICEF Executive Board. Other Resources (OR) are restricted in their use and are contributed by a donor for specific, board-approved purposes within the country programme; they are further categorised into ‘regular’ and ‘emergency’ contributions.


UNICEF works in partnership with the Government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government, in addition to development partners including other UN agencies and a host of international and national non-governmental organistations (NGOs). UNICEF also partners with companies, academic institutions and the media.


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