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The European Union commits additional €7,000,000 to meet emergency needs of conflict-affected children in Iraq                                                                                            Baghdad, 27 December 2016

House to house campaign launched to vaccinate children in conflict-affected areas in Iraq against polio, measles and rubella [Arabic] [Kurdish]                                                        Baghdad, 18 December 2016

UN provides vital food and aid to 42,000 people in eastern Mosul                            Baghdad, 09 December 2016

UNICEF thanks Kuwait for its continuous support to Iraq's children [Arabic]              Baghdad, 02 December 2016

Almost half of Mosul's children cut off from clean water as fighting intensifies [Arabic]       Baghdad, 30 November 2016

UNICEF leads convoy into Mosul city with emergency supplies for 15,000 children [Arabic] Baghdad, 15 November 2016

9,700 children displaced since start of Mosul operation [Arabic]                                         Baghdad, 03 November 2016

UNICEF Iraq Mosul Response Update: Briefing Note [Arabic]                                              Erbil, 28 October 2016

Major campaign launched to vaccinate 5.8 million Iraqi children against polio [Arabic]          Baghdad, 24 October 2016

UNICEF delivers water at the frontline of the Mosul operation                                        Erbil, 20 October 2016

Keep children safe in Mosul operation, UNICEF says [Arabic]                                         Baghdad, 17 October 2016

UN Women and UNICEF Iraq highlight need for better data to make progress for girls in Iraq [Arabic] Baghdad, 11 October 2016

UNICEF Iraq Education Briefing Note [Arabic]                                                                   Baghdad, 30 September 2016

Government of Japan contributes $3 million for early childhood education in Iraq              Baghdad, 07 August 2016

UNICEF Ambassador Ewan McGregor visits refugee and displaced children on Iraq frontline  London/Erbil, 02 August 2016

Continued partnership between EU and UNICEF helps newly displaced families in Iraq      Baghdad, 31, July 2016 

Government of Japan contributes $7 million to UNICEF for humanitarian support in Iraq      Baghdad, 13 July 2016 

UNICEF statement on the killing of children and families in Baghdad [Arabic]                       Baghdad, 03 July 2016 

New report - A Heavy Price for Children: Violence Destroys Childhoods in Iraq [Arabic]  Baghdad, 30 June 2016 

Briefing Note - UNICEF Iraq Anbar Governorate Response                                          Baghdad, 24 June 2016 

"We came with nothing, we have nothing": Thousands flee Fallujah as fighting intensifies  [Arabic]                                                                                                            Baghdad, 06 June 2016

UNICEF calls for the protection of the children of Fallujah [Arabic]                               Baghdad, 01 June 2016 

'#EmergencyLessons' campaign highlights importance of education for children in conflict and disaster zones   [Arabic]                                                                                         Brussels/New York, 16 May 2016

World Immunization Week: Closing the immunization gap in Iraq                                  Baghdad, 26 April 2016

Successful and timely efforts against killer disease are sustained in 2016  [Arabic]   Baghdad, 23 February 2016

UNICEF and the Government of Iraq renew their promise to deliver for children in need [Arabic; Kurdish]                                                                                                   Baghdad, 08 January 2016


The LEGO Foundation and UNICEF support conflict-affected children in Iraq through play [Arabic]                                                                                                           Baghdad, 16 December  

Statement by the UN Special Representative of the Secretary General for Iraq, Ján Kubiš, and UNICEF Iraq Representative, Peter Hawkins [Arabic]                                          Baghdad, 3 December 2015

Concern over Iraq cholera outbreak prompts accelerated response                              Baghdad, 6 November 2015

Violence denies millions of children across Iraq access to education [Arabic]                   Baghdad, 30 October 2015

Revision of early childhood education curriculum in Iraq                                                  Erbil, 19 October 2015 

12,703 vaccination teams work to keep Iraq polio free and combat the spread of cholera [Arabic]                                                                                                           Baghdad, 12 October 2015

Conference highlights the role of education in building peace                                  Baghdad, 21 September 2015

The Government of Japan contributes US $1.5 million to assist displaced Iraqi families [Japanese]                                                                                                 Erbil, 25 July 2015

One year on, Rapid Response Mechanism faces increasing demand [Arabic]                   Baghdad, 23 July 2015

Year of sustained violence across Iraq has hit children hardest                                  Geneva, 30 June 2015

Friends of UNICEF voluntary group promotes water conservation                                Baghdad, 26 June 2015

With Iraq on the verge of a massive funding shortfall, European Commission steps in to provide vital support                                                                                                 Erbil, 16 June 2015

Iraq on the brink of humanitarian disaster due to surging conflict and massive funding shortfall                                                                                                            Brussels, 4 June 2015

Iraq education stakeholders commit to minimum standards for education in emergencies    Erbil, 23 April 2015 

Keeping Iraq polio free: New immunization campaign targets 5.8 million children                Baghdad, 13 April 2015

The United Nations brings relief to Anbar                                                                        Erbil, 01 April 2015

Reaching for one year polio free: National polio vaccination campaigns continue                  Baghdad, 03 March 2015

UNICEF and European Union fund water conservation in Iraq                                          Baghdad, 19 January 2015

UNICEF distributes over 200,000 sets of winter clothing                                                    Erbil, 11 January 2015





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