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UNICEF Iran Goodwill Ambassador records a memorable Children’s Day

UNICEF Iran Goodwill ambassador and Cinema Actress Ms. Mahtab Keramati, brought a big smile to the faces of Children of Iran by her participation in Children’s Day celebration on 8 October in Tehran.

Around 3000 children, boys and girls, all first grade elementary school students participated at the celebration which was jointly organized by Iranian Ministry of Health, Tehran Municipality, Ministry of Justice, the Judiciary, State Welfare organization and UNICEF.

Under the message” Children are the heart of Millennium Development Goals”, the celebration was held along with a seminar at Khavaran Cultural Centre south of the capital Tehran to highlight the needs of children in disparity areas. Parallel celebrations were also held in other districts of Tehran as well as across the country.

In her message to Children, Mahtab Keramati said:” Today, as we join you in happiness and celebration for children’s Day, we also remind ourselves that to achieve a fair world free from any inequalities for you, our dear children, we will work hand in hand and will spare no efforts.”

8 October 2010 was a memorable day for Children of Iran and as Mahtab and a popular children’s programme group called,” Fitileh” from the state TV performed  entertaining programmes, officials and stakeholders focused on big decisions for the welfare of children inside the conference hall.

Message by, Paul Hulshoff, UNICEF Representative in Iran on Children’s Day 2010
Message by UNICEF Iran Goodwill Ambassador, Mahtab Keramati on Children’s Day




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