Child Protection

Child Protection


Child Protection


UNICEF will support targeted national institutions dealing with specific vulnerable groups of children to improve institutional capacities for implementation and coordination of programmes for the prevention of Violence Against Children. UNICEF will also support the National Body on the Convention on the Rights of the Child (NBCRC) in establishment of a comprehensive and inter-sectoral national coordination mechanism for prevention of Violence Against Children.  

Supporting the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare (MOCLSW) as well as other key partners including the National Body for CRC (NBCRC), Academia and civil society organizations, UNICEF will join efforts to conduct national and local level surveys and studies to generate data and related analysis on relevant disaggregated child and family indicators. While reviewing the existing social protection system to analyze the child sensitivity of the social protection programmes, UNICEF and MOCLSW will focus on exchanging good practices aimed at formulating policies and programmes with effective impact on the most vulnerable. This partnership will also bring together all relevant stakeholders to jointly develop National Child Poverty Reduction Strategy for which UNICEF will facilitate access to specialized knowledge to introduce the “concept of child-sensitive social budgeting” as a tool to promote equity and reduce disparities. 

Building on the results achieved through the previous Country Programme, UNICEF will support local authorities in selected areas in their efforts towards institutionalisation of child rights considerations in decision-making processes at district level and enhancement of inter-sectoral collaboration.



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