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Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare, the State Welfare Organization and UNICEF Iran form trilateral partnership for vulnerable children

In a unique trilateral agreement, the Ministry of Cooperatives, labour and Social Welfare, the State Welfare Organization (SWO) and UNICEF Iran Office joined a partnership for improving the lives of vulnerable and at risk Children. In this agreement, comprised of seven activities the signing parties have pledged to work together for building capacity and increasing knowledge of responsible officials and individuals about vulnerable children.

As part of this agreement and in partnership with the national Early Childhood Development Secretariat, “a community based mother and child model” will be designed, as an approach to provide integrated developmental care services and empower parents at family and community level in this regard. This partnership also includes development of a training manual for teachers in Rural Child Care Centres based on the identified needs and the competencies of teachers and in accordance with SWO’s standardized kindergarten educational package.

In the area of prevention of HIV/AIDS epidemics, a training workshop will be held for SWO experts to enhance their capacities to establish better epidemiologic surveillance system and improve monitoring of the status of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

This agreement also includes an activity directed at street and working children. In partnership with the Social Harms department of the SWO, a consultative workshop will be held to develop comprehensive guidelines for staff of  government centres working with street children.

In the area of protecting children in emergencies, a Training of Trainers(TOT) workshop will be held for staff of the Social Emergencies Mobile Services on intervention and communication skills.

And finally to advocate on the rights of children with disabilities in the media, a training workshop will be held for programme makers and producers of children and adolescents programmes to raise their awareness on children living with disability.

On 3 December, the World day of People with Disabilities, the three sides launched UNICEF flagship report, the State of the World’s Children Report 2013: Children with disabilities as part of the aforementioned agreement and pledged to work closely in this regard.

This partnership is important in the sense that experts and specialists in SWO could benefit from UNICEF expertise and experience to meet their technical needs in the above areas. As a result the relevant government sectors will be further empowered in improving the lives of children particularly the vulnerable ones in the community.



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