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Message by UNICEF Iran Goodwill Ambassador, Ms. Mahtab Keramati-Norouz 1392

Tehran, 17 March 2013- As we all prepare to welcome the arrival of Iranian New Year, Norouz, I would like to congratulate everyone, especially children and families of Iran, on this happy and special occasion.


Norouz, or the new day as it is called, is a time when nature refreshes itself anew and so do we. While we think about our New Year resolutions, I would like to invite us all to direct this year’s New Year resolutions at children and help them have a safe and joyful  New Year holiday.


During Norouz, we travel by road more than any other time of the year. Let me ask you all to do whatever you can to keep children and adolescents safe from the dangers on the road.


While  no one would intentionally risk the life of his or her child, many wrong-driving  and road practices do endanger the lives of our loved children. We need to be cognisant of these wrong practices in order to protect our children.


We need to ensure that no infants and children under the age of 12 years travel on the front seat of the car. We should ensure that they are on the back seat and well protected in a baby seat or a car seat-belt, depending on their age.


We should refrain from carrying babies of the lap of someone sitting on the front car-seat during road travel. More importantly, no one should carry a child on his or her lap while driving.

Avoid carrying babies and young children on motorcycles. Adults riding motorcycles should wear proper helmets to protect themselves.



Children tend to learn by imitating what they see us doing more than by listening to what we say to them. We need to guide our children by been good role models every day and every moment! And it is easy: we must learn how to drive more slowly, be more patient, and protect every passenger with a seat-belt - every time we get into the car.


When we drive safely and responsibly we teach our children, by example, how to become future responsible drivers and a responsible young adult.


Let us make this Norooz an accident-free happy eid occasion.


Happy New Year and Norooz.





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