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Closing Statement by UNICEF Panel of Juries in the Children’s Film Festival

Children deserve to be respected and valued, not only as makers of the future, but as individuals with independent identity and rights.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child, as the most accepted international convention, has defined these rights very clearly. The Islamic Republic of Iran was among the first countries to join this Convention (in 1994).

The cinema industry is regarded as one of the most powerful socio-cultural tools to promote the rights of children.

UNICEF supports all individuals who are active in making films for and about children, and encourages them to focus more on the issues and rights of children.

The UNICEF panel of judges, while giving special acknowledgement to the film “Adopted Child” by Mr.Vahid Nik-khah Azad, for drawing attention to the important issue of adoption, respect for the right of children to participate in decisions affecting them, and respect for the child’s dignity, ultimately gives the UNICEF award to a film which provides a realistic perspective of child labour, reflects situations where children are forced to distance themselves from their childhood, and emphasizes the finer aspects of human relationships and moral values, portraying all of this with beautiful cinematic skills: the film “The Pearl” by Mr. Sirous Hassanpour.




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