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UNICEF Iran Representative and Goodwill Ambassador Congratulate Children on their Day

Tehran, 07 October 2012- In a joint message, UNICEF Representative in Iran , Mohamed el Munir Safieldin and UNICEF Iran Goodwill Ambassador, Mahtab Keramati, congratulated children and families on Children’s Day:

 “This year, preparation for celebrating children’s day was different from before. We witnessed many government and social organizations coming together to give children in Iran the best celebration of their Day. This is indeed a very good development and UNICEF Iran office is proud to be part of this larger  alliance for children.

While Children’s day is surely a moment to celebrate achievements made for children ,it should also be an opportunity for  adults to appreciate the precious presence of children in the society, and to take a moment to express our love and care for them.

Let us not forget the disadvantaged children on this day: those who live with disabilities, those who struggle with street working life, those who have lost their liberty and are serving correctional sentences, and those who migrated to Iran seeking safe heaven. This is a moment to remember all children and work harder for their highest levels of well-being.

Happy Children’s Day to ALL children and adolescents in  Iran.

Mohamed el Munir Safieldin, UNICEF Representative in Iran

Mahtab Keramati, UNICEF Iran Goodwill Ambassador



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