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Iranian Movie Director donates his 100 million Rial award to help Children of Somalia, Supported by UNICEF Iran Goodwill Ambassador Mahtab Keramati

Tehran, 5 January 2012- In a move supported by UNICEF Iran Goodwill Ambassador, Mahtab Keramati, Iranian Film Director, Hassan Fathi, donated a cash award he recently won for best director in Jame-Jam festival equal to 100 million Rials(10 million Tumans) to UNICEF projects in Somalia.

In a visit to UNICEF Iran office, Mr. Fathi handed over the cheque to UNICEF Representative and described the inspiration behind his gesture of goodwill as a promise he had earlier made to himself. “I am very sorry for the current situation in Somalia. This is a human disaster everyone should be concerned with“ said Fathi “I call upon  all artists  everywhere in the world to use their artistic skills to draw the attention of the public and decision makers to the plight of the children in Somalia”

Mr. Fathi had spent almost six months researching the situation of children in Somalia last year, when he was about to direct a movie called ”Pirates of Eden Gulf”. The movie written by Iranian Script writer Naghmeh Samini also intended to have UNICEF goodwill Ambassador Mahtab Keramati as the leading actress.

UNICEF Iran Representative, Mohamed El Munir Safieldin appreciated the contribution and emphasized the important role of artists and celebrities in advancing humanity and supporting UNICEF’s mission across the world.

“UNICEF appreciates this contribution which signifies the spirit of solidarity Mr. Fathi has for the troubled children of Somalia”.  Said Mr. Safieldin,” UNICEF and partners will continue to make every possible effort to ensure the survival and development of most vulnerable children everywhere. Every child counts, every child has equal rights, and every child deserves a dignified life”.

A combination of natural and man-made disasters in the horn of Africa resulted in a wide spread famine and hunger, massive displacement of people, and significant loss of human lives. UNICEF and partners are addressing the immediate nutritional and health care of children as well as their education and the provision of drinking water and sanitation facilities.  

For Somalia alone, UNICEF has appealed for US$300 million in 2012 to ensure the current level of support and to scale up where needed.




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