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A joint message by UNICEF Iran Officer in Charge, Anna Riatti and Goodwill Ambassador, Mahtab Keramati on Eid-ul-Fetr

UNICEF Iran felicitates Children and Families of Iran on Eid-ul-Fetr

Tehran, 1 September 2011- On behalf of UNICEF Iran, we would like to congratulate all children and their families in Iran on the happy occasion of Eid-ul-Fetr.

Hopefully Ramazan has provided enough time for self-reflection on our commitments towards improving the spirit of humanity in the society.  In UNICEF we believe that the cornerstones of humanity and human progress are nurturing and caring for children to help them reach their full potentials.

In this spirit, we have joined hands with our government and non-government partners to unite for children at the outset of Children’s day on 8 October, and have agreed to celebrate this joyous occasion under the single theme of “children, Positive Parenting, A safe Community”.

Therefore, we would like to invite you as a parent, you as a teacher, you as a caregiver and you as someone who comes into contact with children in daily life, to join us in this path and contemplate on how you are treating children and whether you have the required knowledge and information on the skills of positive parenting.

Finally, I would like to reiterate that celebrating children’s day should not just serve as a festival, but as yet another step towards building a world fit for children, hence we are supporting families as the basic unit of society responsible for upbringing and development of children.



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