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Cinema Actress, Mahtab Keramati, Renews Her Agreement To Remain UNICEF IRAN Goodwill Ambassador For Two More Years

UNICEF Representative in Iran, Paul Hulshoff and Actress, Mahtab Keramati sign the agreement to extend the position of UNICEF Iran Goodwill Ambassador for two more years.

Tehran, 30 March 2011– In a ceremony attended by UNICEF Iran Representative, Cinema actress and Celebrity, Ms. Mahtab Keramati renewed her agreement with UNICEF Iran to continue her work as UNICEF’s  Goodwill Ambassador in the country.

During the ceremony, Mahtab Keramati once again emphasized her commitment to carry on with her support for the children of Iran and advocate for their rights and needs. In her own words; “It’s absolutely an honour for me to extend my position as UNICEF Iran Goodwill Ambassador. I plan to expand my commitment for children and I invite other celebrities to join me in this path, so that together we could shed more light on the needs of the most vulnerable children and bring to the center of public attention, those children and youth which are often invisible and marginalized.”

Meanwhile UNICEF Iran Representative, Mr. Paul Hulshoff expressed his great appreciation for the work and efforts of Ms. Keramati and said:”Mahtab is not just a very successful cinema actress, she is also a tremendous humanitarian actress. Her strong compassion and commitment for children is not only highly admirable, but also a great help in improving their lives in a very direct and tangible way.  We are very fortunate to work with Ms. Keramati, and with her support hope to mobilize even more celebrities around the cause of the children of Iran.”

Ms. Mahtab Keramati started her cooperation with UNICEF Iran in 2005 through her participation in a UNICEF awareness raising campaign called ”Unite for Children, Unite Against AIDS”. In 2006, she was officially appointed as UNICEF Iran national Goodwill Ambassador and has since participated in, and supported, various campaigns and activities to heighten public attention to the cause of children.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors extend their appointment every two years subject to the agreement of the UNICEF country office.



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