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Regional Media Award 2011

Violence against Children

I.              Principles:

o   The Media Award rewards excellence in reporting in media on the situation and issues of children in the Middle-East and North Africa.

o   Each year, the Media Forum agrees on the topic for the award for the year to come: for 2011, the topic is: violence against Children.

o   Awards will be awarded for six different categories: TV, radio, print, photograph and on-line (web based) & caricature

o   Awards are non-financial.

o   Awards will reward individuals not institutions. However, institutions employing the finalists and winners will be recognized.

o   Works submitted must tackle local, national or regional issues directly related to the MENA region.

o   Among the fundamental selection criteria jurors will consider are: the relevance and significance of the chosen topic; the quality and originality of the journalistic approach; the depth and accuracy of the investigative work; the effort involved in telling the story(ies); objectivity and impartiality; the potential positive impact of the story(ies). Judges will look favorably at solution-oriented pieces.

o   Nominee works must adhere to the highest standards of journalism, including clarity of expression, accuracy, fairness and strict observance of ethical guidelines in reporting on children’s issues (see relevant document on the guidelines) and respecting the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

o   The jury for the final award will be composed of UNICEF officials, officials from other international organizations, media-related partners and members of youth-led media initiatives.

o   The selection committee for the nominations per country will be composed of UNICEF officials from the respective country offices and UNICEF partners from the media and young journalists.

II.            Technical Characteristics:

o   The eligible work is in the form of a produced news story, essay, opinion column, a news feature, documentary, or a series on a single topic or an investigative report ,  photos and caricature.Letters to the Editor are not eligible.

o   The award will accept no more than 5 editorials, columns, or news stories per person/per category. All entries, without exception, must ideally consist of a single article or broadcast or a series of related articles or broadcasts that will be judged as a unit. If the entry is, for example, a continuing column or series, no more than 5 examples should be submitted.

o   Articles specifically produced for and published on a newspaper, magazine, Radio or TV programme and websites will be accepted.

  • All works must have been printed, posted on the Internet or broadcast on any TV/radio station between 20 August 2010 – 20 July 2011 in media outlets in the Middle East and North Africa or affiliates globally. Each TV/Radio entry must be accompanied by the corresponding Application Form and a Broadcast Certification Form signed by a General Manager, Program Director, News Director or Editor, network or program producer, attesting a) to the date of broadcast and b) that the work is certified to be substantially that of the nominee. ONLY ADOLESCENT PRODUCERS ARE EXEMPTED FROM THIS PROCEDURE.

o   If a team was involved in the writings, only one name should appear on the entry form.

o   An entry letter should accompany the application for the award. It should explain the motivation behind the candidate’s application and include a brief explanation of how the journalistic piece was conceived.

o   All entries must be received by the UNICEF Country Office on or before July 20, 2011.


III.           Language:

·         The official languages of eligible pieces are Arabic, English and French. Entries in other languages must be translated and presented in one of these 3 languages to be eligible.


IV.          Submission Guidelines:

·         Applications should be submitted to the UNICEF Communication Officer of the relevant UNICEF country office. Each Country Office of the MENA region will then select the six country finalists for the 6 different award categories and submit them to the UNICEF Regional Office for the Middle East and North Africa for the regional jury selection.

·         Application to be accompanied with a copy of the participant’s passport and CV.

·         Six copies of each work must be submitted on betacam, CD or hardcopy, depending on the original format. Each copy must be packaged individually

·         Entries that have already been submitted for previous media award may not be resubmitted for future competitions


The winners will be selected by the designated jury,. Announcement of the winners will be made in   November 2011, during UNICEF’s 7th Regional Media Forum.





Submission Form

(PDF documents require Acrobat Reader to view.)

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