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Let’s turn our New Year resolution to a commitment for Children; Says UNICEF Iran Goodwill Ambassador at the onset of Iranian New Year

Tehran, 6 March 2011-As we all prepare to welcome the arrival of Iranian New Year, Norouz, I would like to congratulate everyone, especially Children and families of Iran, on this happy and special occasion.

Norouz, or the new day as it is called, is a time when nature refreshes itself anew and so do we.  While we plan to make our New Year resolutions and include in it all the changes we’ve always expected, I would like to invite us all to direct this year’s New Year resolutions at children and making our society a better place for them.

Let us all commit to build a place where children can freely play and enjoy without having to worry about earning a living or looking for a shelter in the cold, a place free from accidents and injuries where children can grow up safe and healthy, somewhere they are not beaten up or neglected by the very those who are supposed to protect them, somewhere they are included and are asked to participate in the decision-makings that affect their lives, somewhere all children whether living in the most uptown districts or those in camps and deprived areas, have equal access to education and schools and somewhere children are exposed to necessary knowledge and life skills to protect them from risky behaviour.

This place is not far from our reach. It will be possible if only each of us feels obliged to live up to his/her commitment towards children and take a step, though small, for bringing children closer to realizing their rights and making their dreams come true.

Let’s gear up to make this utopia a reality this year and of course make sure to accompany children in enjoying every minute of their New Year Holidays.

Happy New Year and Norouz



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