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Iranian Broadcasters take home the MENA Regional award for ICDB 2010

11 year old Maryam, on the left, and 10 year-old Nargess hold the 2010 ICDB Regional Award

Tehran 13 Feb 2011-The conference room of UNICEF Iran was host to a different meeting today, one with the presence of children and young people along with adults. Winners of the ICDB 2010 MENA regional award gathered to meet with UNICEF Iran Representative and staff to receive their award.

10-year-old Nargess and 11-year-old Maryam looked excited as they sat smiling next to their mothers. They were part of a radio programme produced by Iran’s Radio Tejarat which won the ICDB 2010 UNICEF MENA regional award.

Nargess who had fluently read out a news desk on child rights in the radio programme talks about her experience: “It was all possible just because of my own interest and passion in the subject and work”.

“I expect UNICEF to do something that all children in the world can live in peace and happiness. ”said Maryam who did interviews with experts and people about using children in commercial spots.

Addressing a gathering of the winning producer, Ms. Beheshteh Nazarizadeh, the sound assistant, participating children and their mothers as well as experts from IRIB ( Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) International Department, UNICEF Representative underlined the important role of media in promoting child participation and representing children’s true identity.

 “Research in many parts of the world has shown that children are frequently represented by the media as either victims or cute attachments to adults” said Mr. Paul Hulshoff. “The media has an important role to play to represent a child as a human being, a complete individual with rights and a voice that is to be listened to”.

Winner of the MENA Regional ICDB award, Ms. Beheshteh Nazarizadeh, commented that this award had strengthened her motivation to make more programmes with children and for children. “I enjoyed every minute of working with these children. I wish I could get a critical review of the judging panel on my work on how to make it better next time” she added.

Mr. Hulshoff congratulated the production team for their efforts and presented the ICDB award to Ms. Nazarizadeh wishing her success in future work with the participation of children. Maryam and Nargess also received gifts.

 “We are ready to support IRIB for training children on production of programmes and  involving youth in the technical process,” said UNICEF Iran representative.“UNICEF could also support the training of IRIB journalists, news editors and producers on observing principles of ethical reporting on children.”

The 2010 ICDB theme, “All Rights, All Children,” honoured the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and asked children to talk about children’s rights and their importance.

To win the regional award, the Programme by Tejarat Radio competed with entries from other countries in the Middle-East and North African(MENA) Region.

The next ICDB will take place on 6 March 2011 under the theme “Girls Are…Boys Are…”


UNICEF Representative, Paul Hulshoff presents the ICDB Regional Award for 2010 to producer, Beheshteh Nazarizadeh



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