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Message by UNICEF Iran Goodwill Ambassador, Mahtab Keramati On Children’s Day 8 October 2010

We’ve all had our sweet and memorable days of childhood when we asked ourselves;”So, when will it be over?” How much we wished we’d grow up quickly, whereas now we wish sometimes we could go back and be that child again! Once more we’ve arrived at 8 October, Iran Children’s Day. This year children’s day is celebrated with the message: “Children at the heart of Millennium Development Goals - Let’s work together to improve child safety”. I am proud that I’m living in one of the youngest countries of the world, a country where over half the population are children and youth. Dear children and teenagers! No matter where you live in this beautiful land of Iran, don’t forget that your talents and potentials are way beyond what you imagine. So make use of every moment of this fruitful period to shape the world the way you want and the way you deserve. Help build a world where children no longer die of severe poverty and hunger, a world where all children, regardless of their conditions and background, can go to school and study, a world where girls have as much role as boys in building their society, a world where preventable and curable diseases no longer take the lives of infants and children, a world in which the health of mothers is a priority, a world where everyone makes efforts to remove inequalities among children and help them reach their full potential. This is the world we seek to build, including by meeting the Millennium Development Goals in five years time. Such a world is not a dream, it is possible! It just requires a stronger commitment and more effective action from our side. In this spirit, we as adults, as your parents, as your teachers, as your guardians and as your representatives have a duty to do more. Today, as we join you in happiness and celebration for children’s Day, we also remind ourselves that to achieve a fair world free from any inequalities for you, our dear children, we will work hand in hand and will spare no efforts. Happy Children’s Day!



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