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Message by UNICEF Iran Representative and Goodwill Ambassador on Eid-ol- Fetr

On behalf of UNICEF Iran, we would like to extend felicitations to all families and children across Iran on the occasion of Eid-ol-Fetr. We hope we have managed to take the precious moments of contemplation in Ramazan, as an opportunity to purify our souls and get closer to realizing the true values of humanity. In the spirit of humanity, we would like to speak about children and their priorities, as they represent the very heart of our humanity. As we are approaching Children’s Day on 8 Oct, we would like to invite you to think about this day not just as a day of celebration and entertainment, but more importantly, as a day of big decisions for children - an opportunity to work together, pool our resources and speak in one voice for making the world a better place for them. This year marks a special occasion, when all those working for and with children in Iran will be working together for Children’s Day events on one single theme: Children are at the heart of Millennium Development Goals”. We all know that Millennium Declaration and the Development Goals are so essential for the wellbeing of Children because they are about poverty, about education, about health, about acting in their best interest and listening to their voices and ultimately, about realizing the full potential of our next generation to create for themselves a life in dignity and prosperity. Let us all unite for children, let us make a difference. Happy Eid-ol-Fetr Paul Hulshoff Representative UNICEF Iran and Mahtab Keramati Goodwill Ambassador UNICEF Iran



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