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Message of Mahtab Keramati, UNICEF Iran’s GoodWill Ambassador on the occasion of the Iranian New Year

Spring is coming, Let’s think of Children!

“This is Haji Firoouz! Only coming once a year!” He wanders around the cars.  His eyes search among the people who pass by ignorantly. Parents grab their children’s hands to quickly make off, dragging their shopping bags with them. The light turns green and cars speed away. The air is fresh and clothes are brand new. Norooz is coming and the year is changing. But for Haji Firoouz, the harsh conditions of life are not just there only once a year.

There are children we do not see. There are children we do not hear, despite they being very close to us… working children, physically and mentally challenged children, refugee children. We may forget that children around us in our family and neighbourhood have rights. We may forget that children have a right to play, to education and to enjoy a nutritional diet. We may forget that children with physical challenges should enjoy the same rights. We may forget about disciplining with kindness, or not to ignore child abuse or neglect. We may forget that no matter where or when, children’s rights are there to be protected. Children have a right to be seen... and to be heard.

Spring has come again. Let’s celebrate it and think of children… Think of a better new year for them. Happy Norooz!



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