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All Rights for All Children, UNITE to protect children and defend their rights

Tehran, 12 November 2009 - Close to twenty years ago, the world came together to say YES to children; recognizing that every human being below the age of 18 years has the same general human rights as adults AND have particular rights that recognize their special need for protection.

Since its adoption on 20 November 1989, the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) has set in motion a process of social change, building the foundation for a world where children’s rights are to be guaranteed and protected. A foundation built on a new vision of the child – one where they are no longer the property of their parents or helpless objects of charity, but instead are seen as human beings, subject of their own rights.

In Iran, the CRC has played a vital role in shaping and developing the lives of children, including children from vulnerable and marginalised communities, placing Iran's achievements for children in a number of areas on par with many higher income countries.

Many challenges however remain, at times compounded by new ones. We cannot claim that the Convention has achieved what needs to be achieved: rather, it has provided all of us with an essential foundation to play our part in changing what the Convention reminds us needs to be changed.

The 20th Anniversary of the CRC, to be observed worldwide on 20 November on a day known as Universal Children's Day, offers an inspirational entry-point to advocate, promote and celebrate children’s rights and achieve “A World Fit for Children”.

UNICEF Iran is intent to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the CRC alongside with government partners, civil society, private sector, members of the international community, national media and other stakeholders. We invite you to be partners for children, to use your unique platforms and channels to express your commitment to children and their rights.

To learn more and/or to share your planned events for CRC@20, please contact UNICEF Iran's communication team. Upon request, your CRC@20 events can be posted on the UNICEF website.

Let’s celebrate & unite for Child Rights in Iran together!



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