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The UNICEF Regional Media Award on Child Rights

Tehran, 21 July 2009 – Health Promotion and Behavioural Change is the topic of this year’s UNICEF regional media award on child rights.  The regional media award rewards excellence in reporting in media on the situation and issues of children in the Middle-East and North Africa.

Prizes will be awarded for four different categories: TV, Radio, print and on-line (web-based). All works must have been printed, posted on the internet or broadcast on any TV/Radio station between 1 October 2008 and 1 September 2009.

The submission process for entries will open today. all entries must be received by the UNICEF country office before 5 September 2009. Each country office of the MENA region will then, in consultation with the UNICEF regional office for MENA, select the four country finalists for the 4 different award categories. The winners will be chosen by the designated jury, and publicised on 5 November 2009, during UNICEF’s 5th regional media forum, to be held in Beirut, Lebanon. 

For more information on the UNICEF Regional Media Award on Child Rights, please visit



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