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Unite for Children: Tune in to Kids! International Children’s Day of Broadcasting 2009

Tehran, 2 March 2009 – Unite for Children: Tune in to Kids! is the motto of this year’s International Children’s Day of Broadcasting, with which UNICEF invites television and radio broadcasters from all over the world to send in their programmes produced by, for and about young people, to be aired on 1 March 2009.

Young people are often overlooked by the mainstream media, since most countries’ airwaves do not make much room for youth perspectives. However, there is so much about this world that young people need to learn – from politics and history to culture and ethics. Moreover, children and youth are often considered only as an audience, but they can make a tremendous contribution, too – with their views, experiences and ideas. It is important to tell these stories in a way that sparks young people’s interests and invites them to join in the conversation.

Every year, UNICEF awards the best broadcast with the International Children's Day of Broadcasting Prize, honouring television and radio broadcasters who capture the spirit of the ICDB. 

The submission process for entries will open directly following the ICDB in spring 2009, when broadcasters will be able to submit their programmes to UNICEF’s Regional Offices to compete for the regional awards. These regional awards will be handed to broadcasters that best promote the principles, purpose and main themes of the ICDB.  Each regional winner will be invited to New York in November 2009 where one television and one radio nominee is finally selected to receive the prestigious International Children's Day of Broadcasting Prize. 

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